How to find the last logon time by a mailbox user in Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010

If you need to get the last logon time by mailbox user in Exchange 2007 one of the easiest ways is to fire up the Exchange Management Shell and execute the cmdlet:


The default setting of this option will give you the display name, the total numbers of items in the mailbox (handy), storage limit status (very handy), and the last logon time (the bit we need). The information we are provided with is useful but you many notice it is not sorted by DisplayName, you can fix this with:

get-mailboxstatistics | sort-object DisplayName

Simple and easy – good luck!

How to Enable Anti-Spam Features on Hub Transport Servers – Exchange 2010

By default, Hub Transport servers have anti-spam features disabled. But in some scenarios, anti-spam functionality on Hub Transport servers is preferable.
To enable the functionality type the following command in EMS (Exchange Management Shell):

Set-TransportServer -Identity ‘SERVERNAME‘ -AntispamAgentsEnabled $true

You then need to restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service on the server. If you exit and restart the EMC (Exchange Management Console), you’ll then see the anti-spam tab in the details pane. (Expand the Server Configuration node, and select the Hub Transport node.)