Certificate Error for RemoteApp (TS Web Access)

If you are using auto/custom generated certificates and get the following error:

Your remote desktop connection failed because the remote computer cannot be authenticated
The remote computer could not be authenticated due to problems with its security certificate.  It may be unsafe to proceed.
Name mismatch
Requested remote computer:
Name in the certificate from the remote computer
Certificate errors
The following errors were encountered while validating the remote computer’s certificate:
The server name on the certificate is incorrect.

You can still get in by doing the following:
1. Open TS Remote App Manager
2. Click ‘Change’ next to ‘RDP Settings’
3. Select the ‘Custom RDP Settings’ tab
4. Add the text ‘authentication level:i:2’ to the Custom RDP Settings dialog
5. Add your Remote Apps and they should now work externally through TS Web
6. Add your certificate to the RDP-Tcp connections in Terminal Services Configuration (tsconfig.msc)

PS! Make sure you remove and re-add the Remote Apps you need.

Good luck! 🙂

  • Thanx a lot for this post. keep posting . thanx

  • Dave: Your welcome! 🙂

  • Thanks so much, it working like a charm!

  • dnsplus chicago

    Yes, this works. The real question is WHY does the terminal server insist on using the wrong certificate? I have a custom self-signed cert which everything is configured to use. I imported the cert into the trusted root store on my machine, and I get a ‘good lock’ in my browser when I browse for the published app. Everything should be great … except a cert that I have deleted from every store where I can find it is being used for the RDP sessions.

    its driving me nuts !

  • Ty Moffett

    I’ve wasted so much time on this error. I’m so glad I found your post. Thanks!

  • Magnus

    Thank you SO MUCH for this post. I’ve been working on this error all day.

  • Anonymous

    @74636ec88a1dee87700eb7388f107177:disqus@23b1692cd32ddcfd1eba34e8c44e27dc:disqus Thank you guys! It drove me crazy for a couple of hours too. That’s why I just HAD to post a solution for it! I thought that maybe someone else also was banging their heads into a wall… 🙂

  • Alexg3

    Thanks so much for the posting.  It drove me crazy for a couple of days and doing all kind of settings, but yours..NAILED my problem 🙂

  • Appy85

    Do I do this on the computer I am trying to remote to or from? I hope that made sense.

  • Hi. You do this on the server itself – the “computer” you are trying to remote to.

  • SeatownTilt

    Nice and easy, and still useful.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Such a simple solution and only one place to find. Great solution. Thanks.

  • You’re welcome. Thank you for the positive feedback Rob.

  • BobbyMoore

    Any update for this error on 2k12 r2?